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Dermapharm Holding SE

Key facts of the Company
Investor Relations


Marketing authorizations
Revenue EUR
467.1 million
110.2 million


Stock information
DE000A2GS5D8 / A2GS5D
Stock exchange symbol / Reuters symbol
Type of Shares
bearer shares with no par value (Stückaktien)
First day of trading
9 February 2018
Number of Shares
53.84 million
Stock Exchanges
Regulated Market (Prime Standard) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Designated Sponsors
Oddo Seydler Bank AG
Paying agent
Quirin Privatbank AG
Bürgermeister-Smidt-Str. 76
28195 Bremen
Shareholder Structure

Shareholder Structure

Shareholder Structure


Company Profile

Dermapharm - Pharmaceutical Excellence “Made in Germany”:

Dermapharm is a leading manufacturer of patent-free branded pharmaceuticals for selected markets in Germany. Founded in 1991, the company is based in Grünwald near Munich and has its main manufacturing facility in Brehna near Leipzig. The company’s integrated business model comprises in-house development, in-house production and distribution of pharmaceuticals and other healthcare products for specifically targeted markets by a medical and pharmaceutical sales force. Dermapharm holds approximately 950 marketing authorizations (Arzneimittelzulassungen) for more than 250 active pharmaceutical ingredients, which are marketed as pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements or supplemental balanced diets. This assortment makes the company unique. In addition to Germany, the company’s core markets also include Austria and Switzerland. The company plans to further expand its international presence. Dermapharm’s business model also includes a parallel import business, which operates under the “axicorp” brand. Based on revenues, Dermapharm was among the top five parallel import companies in Germany in in the first half-year 2018.

With a consistent development strategy and numerous successful product and company acquisitions over the past 25 years, Dermapharm has continuously optimized its business and provided external growth impulses in addition to organic growth. Dermapharm intends to continue this profitable growth course in the future. The company is focusing on three strategic growth drivers: in-house development of new products, increase of its international footprint and further acquisitions. These include the acquisition of the pharmaceuticals manufacturer and distributor Trommsdorff in January 2018, whose portfolio includes the well-known brands Keltican® forte and Tromcardin® complex.


Management Board

Dr. Hans-Georg Feldmeier CEO, Pharmacist

Dr. Hans-Georg Feldmeier is the Chairman of the Management Board at Dermapharm. He joined the company in 2003 as project manager and was responsible for the construction of the new production facilities in Brehna. Since 2009, he has been Chief Production & Development Officer of Dermapharm. Dr. Feldmeier began his professional career in 1987 at Berlin Chemie. He played a decisive role in the modernization of the company after the fall of the Berlin Wall. In 2002, he was head of the supply center at Schering Aktiengesellschaft, Berlin.

Karin Samusch CBDO

Karin Samusch is Dermapharm’s Chief Business Development Officer. She joined the company in 1991 and has been responsible for business development, international affairs, regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance ever since. Prior to joining Dermapharm she worked for the pharmaceutical company Dorsch GmbH and the seal producer Feodor Burgmann GmbH & Co. KG.

Stefan Grieving CMO

Chief Marketing Officer Stefan Grieving joined Dermapharm in 2010 as Head of Marketing & Sales. He began his career at the pharmaceutical company Pharmacia as a medical representative. Prior to joining Dermapharm, Mr. Grieving held various sales positions in the pharmaceutical industry, including head of marketing & males and later managing director of OTC and Generics Germany at STADA Arzneimittel Aktiengesellschaft as well as head of marketing & sales and managing director at TAD Pharma (KRKA Group).

Stefan Hümer CFO

Chief Financial Officer Stefan Hümer has been Head of Controlling and Finance for Dermapharm since 2006. He started his career with CYANAMID GmbH and its subsidiary Durachemie GmbH & Co. as head of sales processing and salesforce controlling in 1989. Mr. Hümer then joined Hexal Aktiengesellschaft as an investment controller. After the merger of Hexal Aktiengesellschaft and Sandoz Group in October 2005, Mr. Hümer joined Sandoz, where he worked as head of controlling international in the field of R&D until joining Dermapharm.

Supervisory Board

Wilhelm Beier

After founding Dermapharm in 1991, Wilhelm Beier was chairman of the management board of Dermapharm AG. In 2017, he was appointed chairman of the supervisory board. Mr. Beier and his family hold the majority of the company's shares.

Dr. Erwin Kern

Dr. Erwin Kern was appointed to the supervisory board of Dermapharm in 2017. In addition to his position at Dermapharm, Dr. Kern is engaged in various companies and associations, primarily in the concrete industry.

Lothar Lanz

Lothar Lanz has held his position on the supervisory board of Dermapharm since 2017. He is also a member of the supervisory boards of Axel Springer SE, TAG Immobilien AG, Zalando SE and other companies.

Financial Figures
 Financial Figures    2017     2016     2015     2014    
 Revenue  in EUR million   467.1   444.5   384.8   391.3  
 Adjusted EBITDA  in EUR million   112.9   102.7   -   -  
 Adjusted EBITDA Margin  in %   24.2   23.1   -   -  
 Unadjusted EBITDA  in EUR million   110.2   102.7   84.7   72.4  
 Unadjusted EBITDA Margin  in %   23.6   23.1   22.0   18.5  
 Operating income  in EUR million   92.1   86.8   43.3   60.8  
 Earnings before taxes  in EUR million   88.0   82.9   55.3   35.5  
 Profit or (loss) for the period  in EUR million   77.7   77.0   52.4   33.2  
 Earnings per share  in EUR   1.56   1.54   -   -  
 Balance sheet  in EUR million   415.3   311.7   296.7   330.6  
 Equity  in EUR million   73.7   60.8   44.4   34.0  
 Equity ratio  in %   17.7   19.5   15.0   10.3  
 Cash and cash equivalents  in EUR million   6.3   3.8   2.8   11.6  
 Net debt  in EUR million   258.5   173.7   189.7   210.8  
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IR Contact & Events

IR Contact

IR Contact

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Dermapharm Holding SE
Lil-Dagover-Ring 7
82031 Grünwald

Contact person:
Britta Hamberger
Investor Relations
Phone: +49 (0) 89 641 86 233
Fax: +49 (0) 89 641 86 165

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IR News Service

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Financial Calendar

2019-04-03: Publication of preliminary figures for the 2018 financial year

2019-04-17: Publication of the 2017 annual report

2019-05-21: Publication of Quarterly Release (Q1)

2019-06-04: Annual General Meeting

2019-09-12: Publication of the 2018 Half-year report

2019-11-20: Publication of Quarterly Release (Q3)

Corporate Governance

Voting Rights Notification

2018-02-09 | Voting Rights Announcement of Wilhelm Beier

Directors Dealings

2018-03-13 | Announcement of Themis Beteiligungs-Aktiengesellschaft

2018-02-09 | Announcement of Themis Beteiligungs-Aktiengesellschaft

2018-02-09 | Announcement of Themis Beteiligungs-Aktiengesellschaft

Statement of Compliance

Updated Declaration of Conformity 2018 with the German Corporate Governance Code pursuant to Section 161 of the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG)

Declaration of Conformity 2018 with the German Corporate Governance Code pursuant to Section 161 of the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG)

Other Documents

Articles of Association of Dermapharm Holding SE (German)

Annual General Meeting


The Ordinary General Meeting of Dermapharm Holding SE based in Grünwald, district of Munich, will be held on June 26, 2018, at 10:00 am (admission from 9:00 am), in the rooms of The Westin Grand München Hotel, Arabellastraße 6, 81925 Munich.

Dermapharm Holding SE - Annual report 2017 including the consolidated financial statements, the management report on the Group’s situation and the report of the Supervisory Board each for the financial year 2017

Dermapharm Holding SE – Individual financial statement according to German Commercial Code (HGB) (German)

Invitation including the agenda and the disclosures according to § 124a sentence 1 no. 2 and 4 AktG

Report of the Supervisory Board (as of May 18, 2018)

Articles of Association of Dermapharm Holding SE (German)

Explanation of the Shareholders' Rights 2018 (German)

Additions to the agenda: There are currently no requests by shareholders to put additional items on the agenda that need to be published.

Countermotions and election nominations: There are currently no countermotions and/or election nominations by shareholders that need to be published

Voting Results

Dermapharm AGM 2018 – Voting Results


Dermapharm Holding SE – AGM 2018 Presentation



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Corporate News

2019-02-21 | Dermapharm continues to drive development of new products

2019-01-23 | Dermapharm continues expansion course

2018-11-20 | Third Quarter 2018

2018-11-18 | Signing of contract for the acquisition of EUROMED S.A.

2018-11-16 | Dermapharm takes legal action against approval of a competitor product

2018-09-12 | First Half-Year 2018

2018-08-21 | Preliminary figures for the first half of 2018

2018-06-26 | AGM 2018

2018-05-18 | First Quarter 2018

2018-04-27 | Fiscal year 2017

2018-04-09 | Preliminary Figures 2017

2018-02-08 | Pricing

2018-01-26 | IPO Details


Ad Hoc News

2018-11-18 | Signing of contract for the acquisition of EUROMED S.A.

2018-02-08 | Pricing

Financial Reports

Dermapharm Holding SE – Release third quarter 2018

Dermapharm Holding SE – Half-year Financial Report 2018

Dermapharm Holding SE – Release First Quarter 2018

Dermapharm Holding SE – Individual financial statement according to German Commercial Code (HGB) (German)

Dermapharm Holding SE - Annual report 2017

Dermapharm Holding SE - IFRS Financial Statements as of September 30,2017

Dermapharm AG - IFRS Consolidated Financial Statements and Group Management Report as of December 31, 2016

Other Documents

Dermapharm Holding SE – Q3/2018 Presentation

Dermapharm Holding SE - H1/2018 Presentation

Dermapharm Holding SE – Q1/2018 Presentation